Health & Safety

Safety all the way

For any business health and safety regulations in business is of paramount importance. As your business is a transporter of goods ranging from dangerous to non-dangerous, it is vital that Health and Safety is adhered to at all times. With this in mind we will work together with all of our clients to ensure our drivers “comply with the driving hours regulations, WTD” and also your company policies and procedures. Our drivers have already undertaken advanced safety driving course’s such as the smith system

Our principles:

  • The goal is to guarantee the safety of transports, to maintain a safe and secure working environment for staff, customers, partners and the general public.
  • Minimise the impact on the environment and to maintain quality standards at a high level.
  • Meet our obligations towards our customers and to exceed them when appropriate.
  • Report and investigate all incidents and complaints.
  • Encourage all drivers to take individual responsibility and to make a mental risk assessment where needed.
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